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Precitech designs and manufactures ultra precision machining solutions for freeform diamond turning, milling, and grinding which are used to produce optical lenses, mold inserts, mirrors, and precision mechanical components. Our machines produce rotationally symmetric, asymmetric, freeform, and sculpted geometries with form tolerances in the sub-micron range and nanometer surface finishes.


February 28, 2015
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Freeform L Product Page Precitech Freeform Ultra Precision Machining System can diamond turn, micro-mill, micro-grind and groove non-rotationally symmetric surfaces
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Grinding Tungsten carbide
XZ vertical
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1200 RPM

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aspheric toric
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Freeform® L
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Contact Us:
AMETEK, Precitech
44 Blackbrook Road
Keene, NH 03431 USA
Tel: 603 357-2511
Fax: 603 358-6174
Ultra Precision Machining Solutions, freeform diamond turning, freeform precision machining, micro-grinding, micro-milling, milling and grinding of optical lenses, mold inserts, mirrors, glass press molding, machine and precision components
....Precitech Announces Long Hong International Hightech Co. Ltd as its New Taiwan Agent....

               This part of our Slow-Motion Video Series
               offers two new videos:
— The first of which shows two additional perspectives of the
     Levicron milling process.
— The second focuses on ultra precision diamond turning
    of infrared material offering two perspectives of processes
    to improve productivity.

    To view either Video in YouTube click the play buttons below.
    Click here to download the videos.

Precitech Slow-Motion Video Precitech Slow-Motion Video Precitech Slow-Motion Video KEENE, NH,
Sept. 18, 2014 – Precitech and Vision Research, both businesses of Ametek, Inc., have partnered with Levicron, a German manufacturer of air-bearing spindles, to create unique slow-motion videos of ultra precision machining. Together they have released a second series of these videos, allowing viewers to see additional processes in detail not available until now.
(Press Release)

 Upcoming Trade Shows
OCI, Optical Society of India
Calcutta,India Feb. 20 - 25, 2015
Laser World of Photonics, China
Shangnai, China, March 17 - 19, 2015

 Precitech's solution for Freeform Head-up Display (HUD)
 Mold Manufacturing

If you are looking to manufacture Head-up Display molds for automotive or aerospace applications, the Nanoform® 700 ultra or Nanoform® L 1000, are uniquely positioned to meet your needs. When equipped with an HD-160 spindle with a C axis and Adaptive Control Technology (ACT) there is no better solution on the market today.
HUD Display milling and samples

Precitech announces Long Hong International Hightech Co. Ltd as its New Taiwan Agent
Long Hong International Hightech will distribute Precitech's complete product line, as well as, upgrades and spare parts.
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Precitech, along with other AMETEK businesses including TMC, Taylor Hobson, Zygo, Vision Research and EPC exhibited recently at Photonics West in San Francisco.  On display was the Freeform L shown without an upper enclosure since it will ultimately be installed in a full thermal room.  Customers were able to see, up close, Precitech's innovative Y axis design which contributes to the Freeform L's superior performance. Precitech hosted a happy hour event, "It's all about the Y", which attracted many customers eager to learn how the Freeform L provides "Flexibility without compromise."

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