July 22, 2017
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Application Notes
Application Notes

High speed lens array for auto headlamp mold
Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) with laser assisted machining
Micromilling of crystalline material (CaF2)
3 AXIS (XYZ) Ruling using PEPS II-VX
Surface Finish and Form Accuracy Results on a Steep Slope Al Asphere

Infrared Silicon Diffractive Machining
Aspheric Toric using Adaptive Control Technology (ACT)
XZ Vertical Grinding
Nanoform 250 Ultra Application
Freeform 700 Micro Milling Application
Freeform 700 Rastermilling Application
Local Spiral Milling
Automated Form Error Corrrection
High Speed Germanium Machining
Freeform Head-up Display (HUD) Mold using Adaptive Control Technology (ACT)
Freeform Augmented Reality (AR) lens mold
Freeform glass grinding with Levicron spindle
Freeform micro-grooving by fly-cutting