July 22, 2017
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Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Goal: Demonstrate high speed machining of a lens array on nickel plated steel

Process: Use a Nanoform® X (Freeform L, Nanoform 700, or Nanoform L 1000) and Fast Tool Servo (FTS500) to machine an array of concave aspheres on an aspheric nickel plated steel mold for automotive headlamp optics molds

FTS Details:
Peak acceleration: 200 m/sec2
Travel: 500 µm
Typical form: < 0.3 µm PV
Typical finish: < 5 nm Ra

Part Details:
Material: NiP
Size: 65 x 55 mm
Shape: Concave asphere

Tool Details
Radius: 0.505 mm Rake angle: 0°

Process Details:
Spindle speed: 500 mm/min
     (constant surface speed)
Feed per revolution: 4 µm/rev
Coolant: OMS

Machining Time: 3 hrs.
Surface finish: 1.74 nm Ra
    (0.08 mm gaussian filter)
Surface finish: 2.15 nm Rq
    (0.08 mm gaussian filter)
Cosmetics: Good Form accuracy: < 1 µm PV