July 22, 2017
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High Speed Air-Bearing Tooling Spindles by Levicron
Ultra Precision meets Industrial Grade
If you are looking for product quality improvements that only an ultra precision tooling spindle can provide, and also require the robustness of an industrial grade design, Precitech’s ASD-H25 and ASD-Cx high speed air-bearing ultra precision tooling spindles by Levicron are precisely what you need.

These spindles are available in two configurations: ASD-Cx features a pneumatically operated collet system, and, the ASD-H25 features an industry standard, HSK25 interface, enabling the use of an off-the-shelf ultra precision solution for quick tool changes, saving time and money.
HSK Quick change tool interface test at 180 mm from the spindle nose showing 0.5 micron of runout
Available in 60,000 and 80,000 rpm models, Levicron spindles permit faster manufacturing and a higher levels of quality than other spindles on the market. The low error motions, long and light shaft design, thermal stability, accurate quick tool changes, and robust bearing system allow for the quick chip-to-chip time and material removal rates required by highly productive industrial processes. Since 1962, Precitech has delivered complete ultra precision solutions and maintains an installed base of over 1,500 systems worldwide. We continue to define the state-of-the-art, enhancing accuracy, productivity, and ease of use.

Precitech is ultra precision machining solutions.
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  • Increase your productivity and reduce your tool expense
    up to 80,000 rpm and optional HSK25 quick change tool interface — quickly and repeatedly center a tool within 1 um and no balancing for small tools minimizes chip-to-chip time
    — excels at rapid material removal due to high power and robust bearing design

  • Improve your surface finish
    asynchronous error motion less than 30 nm

  • Reduce your spindle soak time
    reaches thermal stability in under 5 minutes
    — radial growth limited by integrated symmetrical thin film     cooling system
    — axial growth limited by self compensating design
        (bearing cartridge growth in +Z offset by shaft
        growth in -Z)

  • Accurately run at any speed
    shaft design ensures all natural frequencies are outside operating speed range
Results: 80 k rpm Roughness Sa = 1.494 nm
  t/r 0.5 mm Gaussion Filter Sq = 1.861 nm
  constant surface speed .08 mm St = 11.72 nm
     = 400 mm/min    
  5 micron/rev    
  (taken on a Taylor Hobson CCI) 
Key Specifications
Speed 60K, 80K
90K and 100K available upon
special request
Max Shaft Power 2.1 - 4.2 kW (2.8 - 5.6hp)
Axial Stiffness up to 60 N/µm
Axial Load Capacity up to 550 N
Radial Stiffness up to 40 Nm
Radial Load Capacity up to 330 N
Error Motion Asynchronous error motions
less than 30 nm axial
Micromilling of crystalline material (CAF2)
Local Spiral Milling
Freeform glass grinding with Levicron spindle