July 22, 2017
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HydroRound B-axis
HydroRound Rotary Axes
Ultra Precision Rotary B-axes

The HydroRound, hydrostatic oil rotary bearing can be configured to our Nanoform® machines for tool normal machining. The Hydrostatic Rotary B-axis designed to sit on the Z-axis platen with the center of rotation around a vertical axis allowing the diamond tool to be presented in any orientation within 360 degrees of rotation for the machining process. The tool holder can also be positioned to extend beyond the edge of the rotary axis for parts larger than 200mm in diameter.

Key Features:

  • Unique self compensating restrictor design contributes to improved moment stiffness (best in the industry)
  • High stiffness both horizontal and vertical
  • Higher damping characteristics vs. air bearing designs
  • Low error motions, typically less than 100 nm, less with compensation
  • Servo controller positioning accuracy of 0.5 arc second


Specifications Nanoform 250 Ultra Nanoform 700 Ultra
Table Top Size 330mm (13") 381mm (15")
Swing Capacity 222mm (8.75") 350mm (13.8")
Load Capacity 225 Kg (500lbs.) 455 Kg (1000 lbs.)
Max. Speed 10 RPM 10 RPM
Motor Torque 4.1 N-m 6.8 N-m