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August 18, 2017
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Purchase Options

DIFFSYS® A: Aspheres only
This is the entry-level version for spheres, aspheres, and multi-
segment aspheres; with comprehensive diamond tool corrections,
lead-in / out codes, sag tables, resize, B-axis, inch/mm, and various
jobfile formats. You can add further options later on as required.

DIFFSYS® AZ: Aspheres + Zones (Diffractives, Fresnels)
Same specification as above, plus diffractives and fresnels. DIFFSYS has become the industry standard for machining zoned surfaces.

DIFFSYS® A3: Aspheres + 3D Surfaces Generates ultra-precision off-axis
aspheres, atorics, acylinders, and freeforms, either by raster flycutting or 'slow/fast-tool-servo'. Lots of features and options. This version also includes the 2D Aspheres-only functions.

DIFFSYS® AZ3: Aspheres, Zones, 3D
All of the above.

Options and Upgrades

OPTION MC2: 2D Measurement Corrections - including Talysurf
This option (requiring one of the above) allows the user to measure an asphere with a 2D measuring instrument, and feed the data into DIFFSYS® to make corrections. It is compatible with Taylor Hobson Talysurf files, and any instrument outputting ZX ASCII data. Multiple-measurements can be added together, and certain limited corrections can be performed on Diffractive/Fresnel and 3D surfaces.

OPTION MC3: 3D Measurement Corrections and CAD import
(requires A3 or AZ3) As MC2, PLUS: Will import any 3D XYZ ASCII CAD data or 3D measurement data. Performs a 3D spline smoothing function. Ask for details on the importable formats.

UPGRADE Z: Upgrade 'A' or 'A3' to include Zones (Diffractives and Fresnels)

UPGRADE 3D: Upgrade 'A' or 'AZ' to include 3D

UPGRADE MC+: Upgrade MC2 to MC3

UPDATE UP: Upgrade to the current release and includes 12 months Technical Support

What does each package include?

Each package includes:
12 months Technical Support,
80 page color instruction manual
12 months full guarantee

Contact us with your design or programming problems and we will try to sort them out.

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