July 22, 2017
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Standard Features
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Hydroround rotary axis
Nanoform X style
operator console
All of the most popular ease-of-use features of the Nanoform® X style operator console come standard on the Freeform® MGG. These include convenient storage for all standard accessories, programmable soft keys, and both jog wheel and directional arrow axis control.
UPx Integrated diagnostic tools
Precitech’s innovative UPx control system enables the next level of process optimization. The QNX operating system features true real-time connectivity between the user frontend and machine control. This enables many unique diagnostic tools and software functions such as the ability to monitor following errors and vibration sources while the part program is being run.
UPx Integrated Diagnostic Tools
Freeform MGG Vertical Axis
Rotary Axis specs chart
TMC MaxDamp Vibration Isolators
TMC MaxDamp
vibration isolators
TMC, also an Ametek company and vibration control experts, helped to design the vibration isolation system on the Freeform® MGG. The built in MaxDamp® high performance vibration isolators optimize the Freeform MGG® for ultra precision machining.
The Freeform® MGG is a true freeform machine and it’s potential applications are virtually limitless. Freeform® MGG features the same vertical axis as Precitech’s industry leading Freeform® L diamond turning machine.