August 18, 2017
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Freeform micro-grooving by fly-cutting
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Microgroove generator for
machining grooves on flat and
freeform surfaces
Simple straight forward tool path programming
  allows for maximum usability
Unparalleled application flexibility enabled by
  several unique machine configurations
Maximize the performance of your end product
  by maintaining groove depth variability of less
  than 3 microns
Reduced sensitivity to vibration enabled by its
  integral TMC MaxDamp® isolation system
Minimized sensitivity to thermal fluctuation
  thermal management of on-machine heat sources
Easy to use UPx machine control and a functional
  ergonomic console
Productivity enhancing integrated diagnostic tools
Retroreflective film molds street signs, highly
  reflective clothing, automotive reflectors
LED lighting applications light bending, focusing
  enhancing, filtering, color shifting
Other freeform grooving applications
Ultra precision milling configuration
    Standard Features
    Available Options/Custom Configurations
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