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DRL2000 ultra precision drum roll lathe
  • Overview +

    Key Benefits
    • Simple straight forward tool path programming allows for maximum usability
    • Unparalleled drum size flexibility enabled by movable tail stock options
    • To maximize the performance of your end product Precitech provides surface finish and cylindricity specifications
    • Reduced sensitivity to vibration enabled by its integral TMC MaxDamp® isolation system
    • Minimized sensitivity to thermal fluctuations through advanced management of on-machine heat sources
    • Easy to use UPx machine control and a functional ergonomic console
    • Productivity enhancing integrated diagnostic tools

      DRL2000 ultra precision drum roll lathe capabilities

  • Processes and Typical Applications +

    Processes and typical applications for the DRL2000 ultra-precision drum roll lathe
  • Typical End User Markets +

    • Brightness enhancing films: lcd monitors, smart phones, tablets
    • Energy conservation: light bending film, solar concentrators, high efficiency light guides
    • Other optical grating applications

  • Application Notes +

    45o Helical grooves on a 1.4 meter drum
    Demonstrate the capability to machine 45o helical gooves on a 1.4 meter drum with no visible seam between the first and last groove. 

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