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Freeform MGG – and Ultra Precision Mill

Freeform MGG ultra precision mill
  • Overview +

    • Simple straight forward tool path programming allows for maximum usability
    • Unparalleled application flexibility enabled by several unique machine configurations
    • Maximize the performance of your end product by maintaining groove depth variability of less than 3 microns
    • Reduced sensitivity to vibration enabled by its integral TMC MaxDamp® isolation system
    • Minimized sensitivity to thermal fluctuation thermal management of on-machine heat sources
    • Easy to use UPx machine control and a functional ergonomic console
    • Productivity enhancing integrated diagnostic tools

    Typical Applications
    • Retroreflective film molds street signs, highly reflective clothing, automotive reflectors
    • LED lighting applications light bending, focusing enhancing, filtering, color shifting
    • Other freeform grooving applications

  • Key Specs +

    Groove depth variability < 3 µm over 450 mm dia.
    Maximum grooving spindle speed 15000 RPM
    Maximum machinable area 600 mm diameter
    Maximum part capacity* 600 mm dia. circle
    600 mm diag. square
    Vertical axis travel 150 mm
    Load capacity 454 kg | 1,000 lbs.
    Max speed 10 RPM
    Radial error motion 0.10 µm (4 µin.) @ 1 in. above table
    Coning error 1 nm/mm | 1 µin./in.
    Radial stiffness 525 N/µm | 3,000,000 lbs./in.
    Axial stiffness 875 N/µm | 5,000,000 lbs./in.
    Moment stiffness 17 N-m/µrad | 150 lb-in./µrad

    *The Freeform ML or TL is the ideal ultra precision machine for parts under 300 mm diameter

  • Technical Specifications +

    Machine base and control


    Machine base

    Completely sealed natural granite

    Control system

    UPx™ machine tool control featuring advanced Motion Wire architecture.

    System intranet includes

    Windows 7 computer & UPx Data Store (Windows network compatibility, USB and printer support, logging functions)

    Machine Type

    4 Axis (optionally up to 6 Axis) CNC Micro Groove Generating Machine

    Vibration isolation

    TMC MaxDamp self leveling pneumatic vibration isolation system

    Programming resolution

    0.01 nm

    Operating System

    QNX-real time OS utilizing non proprietary motion control boards for advanced capability and performance

    Linear oil hydrostatic slideways



    Hydrostatic oil bearing box-type slide ways manufactured by Precitech


    Dura bar cast iron

    Thermal control

    Liquid cooled horizontal linear axis


    X 600 mm, Y 600 mm, Z 150 mm (vertical)

    Maximum feedrate

    3000 mm/min

    Drive system

    Linear motor

    Motor location

    Located centrally and mounted vertically eliminating offset drive forces and minimizing thermal distortions

    Position feedback

    34 pm (0.034 nm)

    X-Axis straightness

    Horizontal: 0.50 µm / 460 mm Vertical: 0.50 µm / 460 mm (measured near the B axis table top)

    Y-Axis straightness

    Horizontal: 0.50 µm / 460 mm Vertical: 0.75 µm / 460 mm (measured near the B axis table top)

    Z-Axis straightness

    Horizontal: 0.75 µm / 150 mm Vertical: 0.75 µm / 150 mm

    X-Axis stiffness

    Vertical: 438 N/µm (table center), Horizontal: 438 N/µm (table center)

    Y-Axis stiffness

    Vertical: 438 N/µm (table center), Horizontal: 438 N/µm (table center)

    Z-Axis stiffness

    Vertical: 263 N/µm (table center), Horizontal: 263 N/µm (table center)

    Rotary oil hydrostatic C axis



    Bi-conical, self compensating, patented oil hydrostatic bearing with integral motor, encoder & vacuum feed through

    Load capacity

    454 kg

    Tabletop size

    457 mm dia.

    Maximum Speed

    3600 deg/min

    Feedback resolution

    0.014 arc-sec

    Positioning accuracy

    +/- 1.0 arc-sec

    Radial error motion

    0.10 µm @ 1 inch above table

    Axial error motion

    0.10 µm

    Coning error

    1.0 nm/mm


    C to X axis < 1 arc sec, C to Y axis < 1 arc sec

    Radial stiffness

    525 N/µm

    Axial stiffness

    875 N/µm

    High speed flycutting/milling spindle

    SP75FF flycutting spindle manufactured by Precitech

    Levicron milling spindle

    Air supply pressure

    690 KPA

    610 KPA

    Air consumption

    50 l/min

    70 l/min

    Radial load capacity

    32 kg ultimate load capacity

    29 kg ultimate

    Axial stiffness

    70 N/µm

    50 N/µm

    Radial stiffness

    22 N/µm

    35 N/µm

    Axial error motion

    Under 0.05 µm

    < 30 nm asynchronous

    Radial error motion

    Under 0.05 µm

    < 30 nm asynchronous

    Maximum speed

    15,000 RPM

    80,000 RPM (stiffness increases 50% with 60k RPM model)

    Options included with the base MGG Ultra system

    Standard fly cut head

    Fly cutting tool holder, adjustments: Rake & Roll (recommended top speed 5000 RPM)

    Tool setting

    Optical tool setter using a Kinematic mount

    Mechanical indicator

    Electronic gage (integrated) with finger style high accuracy LVDT head and magnetic base

    Cutting lubrication

    Tool air mist lubrication system

    Optional Equipment

    Thermal enclosure

    Air shower, temperature control: +/- 0.1°C

    A axis

    C2 axis

    Ultra precision milling configuration

    Precitech FTS70 Fast Tool Servo system

    Standard and custom built vacuum fixtures

    Facility Requirements

    MGG ultra


    208 or 230 VAC - 4.0 KVA 1 phase - 50/60 Hz

    Air supply

    Typical: 10 SCFM @100 PSIG, filtered to 50 µms and dry to 10°C pressure dew point

    Floor space (does not include controller
    and auxiliary equipment)

    2500 mm x 1800 mm

  • Freeform MGG – Standard Features +

    • Hydroround rotary axis
      • Hydroround rotary axis Precitech’s rotary axis is the stiffest in the industry. The Hydroround rotary axis comes standard on the Freeform® MGG enabling variable angle machining.
    • Nanoform X style operator console
      • Nanoform X style operator console All of the most popular ease-of-use features of the Nanoform® X style operator console come standard on the Freeform® MGG. These include convenient storage for all standard accessories, programmable soft keys, and both jog wheel and directional arrow axis control.
    • UPx Integrated diagnostic tools
      • UPx Integrated diagnostic tools Precitech’s innovative UPx control system enables the next level of process optimization. The QNX operating system features true real-time connectivity between the user frontend and machine control. This enables many unique diagnostic tools and software functions such as the ability to monitor following errors and vibration sources while the part program is being run.
    • TMC MaxDamp vibration isolators
      • TMC MaxDamp vibration isolators TMC, also an Ametek company and vibration control experts, helped to design the vibration isolation system on the Freeform® MGG. The built in MaxDamp® high performance vibration isolators optimize the Freeform MGG® for ultra precision machining.
    • Freeform MGG Vertical Axis
      • Freeform MGG Vertical Axis The Freeform® MGG is a true freeform machine and it’s potential applications are virtually limitless. Freeform® MGG features the same vertical axis as Precitech’s industry leading Freeform® L diamond turning machine.
  • Freeform MGG – Optional Features and Custom Configurations +

    Standard 4 axis configuration
    Optional configuration

    Ultra precision milling configuration

    Typical grooving process

  • Application Notes +

    Freeform micro-grooving by fly-cutting
    Demonstrate the surface finish and form accuracy achievable when grinding glass with a Levicron® ultra precision spindle

  • Brochures +