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Optoform 60

Optoform 60 ultra precision ophthalmic lathe
  • Overview +

    Next generation two-axis, computer controlled contouring lathe designed for high speed manufacturing of contact lenses and intraocular lenses. When equipped with the FTS 5000 fast tool servo, Optoform 60 produces the world’s finest freeform lens designs. The machine control software is extremely flexible, accommodating a wide range of applications.

  • Features and Benefits +

    Ergonomic intuitive controls accessed from a pivoting color touch screen
    Task light and vacuum chip extraction
    Highly visible machine status indicator light
    Optoform 60 ophthalmic lathe feature highlights
    Retractable keyboard shelf
    Sealed upper enclosure with easy to access work envelope
    • Improved surface quality
      • Proprietary vibration isolation system (TMC)
      • Advanced HX 75 high-speed spindle
      • State of the art pico-resolution encoder system
    • Easily integrates with the world’s most advanced fast tool servo system - the FTS 5000
    • Latest high-performance Power PMAC controller
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