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Optoform 40

Optoform 40 ultra precision ophthalmic lathe
  • Overview +

    The world’s most competitively priced ultra-precision lathe for manufacturing contact lenses or intra-ocular lenses.

    The Optoform® 40 was designed to provide ultra smooth motion, the air bearing slideways utilize linear motor technology with ultramarine pitch linear glass scales for position feedback.

    The air bearing slides are mounted on a natural granite base which supports thermal stability ensuring consistent accuracies over the life of the lathe. The base utilizes a passive, three point vibration isolation system. The Optoform® 40 is the perfect answer for lowering cycle times and increasing throughput.

  • Features +

    • Produces all possible intra-ocular and contact lenses designs with an extremely easy user interface

    • Linear motors provide frictionless, smooth, maintenance free motion

    • Stiff Air Slides ensure ensure straight motion

    • Air-bearing spindles offer smooth frictionless rotation. The new design Optoform® 40 uses the Precitech HS–75 spindle, which is used on the Nanoform® 250 Ultra. A water-cooled spindle (with chiller) is available as an option.

    • The positioning system (laser scales) is independent of the drive system (linear motors) for complete accuracy

    • The positioning sensing resolution is 8.6 nanometers on both slides (10 nm in the control software)

    • The thick granite base provides thermal stability, and vibration mounts exclude disturbance from environmental factors

    • The lathe is fully compatible with all Fast Tool Servo attachments for producing non–rotationally symmetrical optics (VARIFORM, VARIMAX, FTS-1000)

    • Supports on machine milling attachment for all milling applications (including IOL haptics) freezing attachment available for cryogenic lathing

    • The Gang Tooling system holds up to 6 diamond tools

    • Available options include the Toric Marker (axis) and CNC controlled spray mist (to enhances surface finish and prolong diamond tool life)

    • The Machine Control Software is extremely flexible, accommodating all applications

    • A variety of advanced Lens Design Software modules is available for all applications (The lathe is also Focal Points compatible.)

    • Touch-screen controls are standard for the computer, (with removable keyboard included)

    • The Optoform® 40 lathe is fully network ready by means of ethernet connection.

  • Key Specs +

    Overview Optoform® 40
    Slide Travel: X-200mm / Z-100mm Air Bearing Slides
    Max Feedrate: 4,000 mm/min
    Collet Capacity: 25 mm
    Spindle Speed: Air Bearing 10-10,000 rpm

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