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Freeform X

Freeform X small axis diamond turning machine for advanced optics
  • Overview +


    New Freeform X


    Based on two successful and proven products, Precitech’s Freeform L and Nanoform X, the Freeform X addresses the needs of some of today’s most demanding diamond turning applications including:


    • High quality infrared optics for defense, security, and EUV beam-directing optics
    • Consumer products such as the complex optics integrated into new generation reality-based headwear and mobile devices
    • Lighting and heads-up displays (HUD) for the automotive sector.

    The new Freeform X has unique capabilities that allow it to support the advanced needs of emerging applications with:

    • Five operational axes facilitate a high-level of machining flexibility with 200 millimeters of X and Z-axis travel and 100 millimeters of translation in the Y direction
    • The smaller structural loop of the Freeform X provides excellent stiffness and stability enabling the manufacturing of optics with exceptional surface form and finish
    • The Freeform X occupies less than 2 square meters providing customers with a powerful machine in a compact footprint minimizing the necessity for valuable production floor space
    • When integrated with Precitech’s proprietary Fast Tool Servo, the FTS5000, and feature rich FastCAM software, the system provides additional capability for increasing productivity with up to 15x faster processing times for the manufacture of standard and complex shapes with excellent surface quality – form, finish and waviness


  • Key Specifications +

    Turning performance Surface roughness: 1 nm Sa
    Form accuracy: 0.1 µm P-V
    Programming resolution 0.01 nm linear
    0.0000001° rotary
    Load capacity 11 kg (25 lbs) @ 100 PSI
    Max Part Size ~ 100mm
  • Technical Specifications +

    Machine Base and Control Description
    Machine Base Sealed natural granite base provides exceptional long term machine tool stability
    Machine Type Ultra precision 5-axis CNC contouring machine
    Vibration Isolation FEA optimized dual sub-frames and integral self-leveling TMC MaxDamp® isolators
    Control System UPx™ Control System with optional Adaptive Control Technology
    Operating System QNX real time operating system
    Programming Resolution 0.01nm linear / 0.00036 sec rotary
    Performance Surface Roughness (Sa) < 1.0 nm , Form Accuracy (P-V) < 0 .1 µm

    Linear Hydrostatic Slideways Description
    Type Hydrostatic bearing slideways with symmetrical linear motor placement
    Travel X 200mm travel, liquid cooled
    Travel Z 220mm travel, liquid cooled
     Travel Y - Vertical 100mm travel
    Drive System AC linear motor
    Position Feedback Resolution 8 pm (0.008 nm)

    Rotary (C-axis) High Speed HS 75 Spindle
    Air Bearing Type Slot-type thrust bearing
    Motor Integral brushless motor
    C-axis Feedback Resolution 0.018 arc sec
    C-axis Position Accuracy +/- 1 arc-sec

    Rotary B-axis HydroRound II Rotary B-axis with Hydrolock
    Type Patented self-compensated oil hydrostatic bearing, bi-conic
    Position Feedback Resolution 0.004 arc-sec
    Drive System Brushless DC Motor
    Position Accuracy +/- 1 arc-sec

    Facility Requirements  
    Power 208 +/-10% or 230 +/-10% VAC - 3.0 KVA 1 phase - 50/60 Hz
    Air Supply Typical: 12 SCFM @100 PSIG
    Machine Footprint (W x L x H) 92cm x 215cm x 179cm