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About Us


Keene, New Hampshire. Our facility staffs approximately 100 talented individuals in a recently designed 60,000 Sq. Ft. building.

Precitech began operations in 1992, but continues the rich history of ultra-precision machine tool building dating back to 1962, when Pneumo Precision was founded. In October of 1997, the Pneumo ultra-precision machine tool division of Taylor Hobson (formerly Rank Taylor Hobson / Rank Pneumo) was merged with Precitech. The Precitech name was retained for this corporate entity and all offices and manufacturing facilities are now located at 44 Blackbrook Road in Keene, New Hampshire.

Precitech is a member of AMT The Association of Manufacturing Technology and has corporate affiliations with several professional societies and academic institutions such as Germany’s Research Community for Ultra Precision Technology at the Fraunhofer Institute, ASPE the American Society for Precision Engineering, and EUSPEN the European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology.

Product Focus

With over 1,500 machines in the field worldwide, Precitech provides a complete line of ultra-precision multi-axis diamond turning, grinding, grooving and milling machines for both rotationally symmetric and freeform applications in single crystal, non-ferrous and ferrous materials. We provide additional solutions such as servo machining with our Fast Tool and Slow Tool technology. Precitech now offers its next generation of airbearing Spindles which are solely designed and manufactured by Precitech. Our new HydroRound, hydrostatic rotary bearing is designed for both 3-Axis tool normal diamond turning and parallel grinding as well as 4 and 5 axis milling and grinding. Our core machine product lines consist of Nanoform®, Freeform®, Optoform®, and Planoform®. These systems are utilized within the visible and infrared, optical molding, ophthalmic, mechanical component and optical telecommunications markets.