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Design Types: Spheres, Aspheres, Multi-segment Aspheres, Sinewave, Zones option: Diffracties, Fresnels & Hybrids (zones superimposed onto an asphere) 3D option: Off-axis aspheres, aspheric torics, cylinders, Polynomial Freeforms.

Equations: Standard aspheric formula used for most surfaces, upto 20 term including odd terms. More terms if you need them. Sag tables. 'Resize' is useful for molds, and recalculates the aspheric terms, so you know what you are measuring. 3D Polynomial Freeform uses standard XnYn equation, including offsets and tilts.

Diffractives: Zone diameters based on a given step height, either entered in microns/thou's, or calculated from wavelength, refractive indices & diffractive order.

Fresnels: Step heights based on a given number of zones. Maximum step height is displayed.

Zone calculations: There are no constraints on the zone curve equation. Step direction changes are freely allowed, if you can design them.

Tool types & modes: Diamonds, Flycutter, or no tool (surface data only); XZ, or XZB B-Axis modes. 3D CXZ slow-tool-servo or XYZ flycutter - either 'zigzag' raster or XYZ spiral.

Tool corrections: Diamonds - round, elliptical, flatted tools; Select tool orientation, left/right hand, flat angle & offset, tilt and rake angles.

Flycutter: corrects for transverse diamond radius - selectable accuracy, either better than 1 nanometer, or better than 0.01nm (takes twice as long to calculate).

Edge lead-in:
Horizontal, or at a tangent to the surface, or selectable chamfer angle.

Graphics: A wide range of useful options; High-resolution printouts. Jobfile setup: Prolog & Epilog files, Edge-to-center / Center-to-edge, spindle direction.

Jobfile formats: for any CNC machine, including 'PGM' format and Optoform® 'JFL' format. We will be pleased to write any format you require.

Inch/mm: Switch live between the two.

PC requirements: Windows XP or later, Pentium 300MHz or better, Disk Space - 30MB minimum for program, PC memory - 1GB or more, USB port for dongle, CD or DVD-Rom drive