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Large Frame Lathes

  • Nanoform 700 ultra

    Do you need the flexibility of a large frame lathe and the quality of a small frame lathe? The Nanoform® 700 ultra has an industry leading surface finish spec of 1 nm Ra. Its unique 700 mm swing and optional 170 kg load capacity make it the largest ultra precision machining system able to achieve that level of performance

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  • Nanoform L 1000

    Whether you need to manufacture large parts today, have the flexibility to adapt to future market requirements, or simply save valuable tool setting time. The Nanoform® L 1000 has the largest swing capacity of any standard production ultra precision machining system available on the market

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  • Nanoform L 1000 ultra grind thumbnail
    Nanoform L 1000 ultra grind

    Diamond turning and microgrinding in a large frame machine with up to 1 meter swing capacity.

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