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PEPS II-VX is a digital non-contacting, height control and active vibration isolation system developed by Precitech in collaboration with the vibration experts at TMC. It is exclusively available as a retrofit on Precitech machines in the field and as an option on all new machines.

Levicron Ultra Precision Spindles

Precitech’s ASD-H25 and ASD-Cx high speed air-bearing ultra precision tooling spindles by Levicron are available in two configurations: ASD-Cx features a pneumatically operated collet system, and, the ASD-H25 features an industry standard, HSK25 interface, enabling the use of an off-the-shelf ultra precision solution for quick tool changes, saving time and money.

Ultra Precision Spindles

Spindle shafts are centerless ground on a high precision Studer CNC grinding machine allowing us to grind the OD of the shaft and faces of the thrust journal in one setup. This ensures squareness and parallelism virtually eliminating once per revolution errors.

HydroRound II Rotary B-axis

The HydroRound II hydrostatic oil rotary bearing can be configured to our Nanoform and Drum Roll Lathe machines for tool normal machining. Now with significantly improved position accuracy and enhanced capabilities.

Removable Vertical Axis

Provides users of Nanoform systems with the ability to field-convert their systems from a two linear axis machine to a three linear axis machine.

On Machine Camera Options for Diamond Turning

Digital and analog on machine options for observation, inspection and measuring.

Slow Tool Servo

The Precitech Slow Tool Servo (STS) is used for the rapid manufacture of large departure freeform components on an Ultra Precision Diamond Turning Lathe

Fast Tool Servo 5000

The Fast Tool Servo systems enable the diamond turning of surface structures such as micro prisms, lens arrays, torics and off-axis aspheres with departures up to 5000 microns.

Adaptive Control Technology

ACT is an adaptive-learning, real-time, closed-loop servo control system available exclusively on the AMETEK Precitech UPX control. ACT is superior to traditional PID control methods in use by other machine tool controllers.