Fast Tool Servo 5000

fast tool servo 5000
  • Overview +

    FTS systems provide a rapid method to fabricate freeform surfaces including: light management micro-structures, toric optics, and mechanical features in contact lenses, lens arrays and laser collimators. FTS cutting is typically 10-15 times faster than other servo tool cutting methods (e.g. XZC machining).

    With the FTS 5000 Precitech is once again defining the state of the art of ultra-precision machining. It addresses the emerging needs of many new markets, including Head-up-displays (HUD) and Virtual Reality (VR).

    Five millimeters of travel and an unprecedented 40 g’s of continuous acceleration are a combination unmatched in the industry. This translates into significantly faster production of higher-complexity parts.

    At the same time the FTS 5000 tractor fits in a compact package the size of a standard tool holder, saving machine space. It integrates seamlessly with current Precitech machining centers.

    • Make parts 3x faster than competitive products with unprecedented 40 g’s of acceleration
    • Save valuable tool space with compact footprint (equal to a standard tool holder)
    • Expand your product portfolio with 5 mm of travel
    • Ease of use enabled by seamless integration with the machine controller via the FastCom III controller

  • Key Specifications +

    Typical performance Surface roughness < 4 nm Sa
    Form accuracy < 0.3 μm P-V
    Continuous acceleration 400 m/sec2 (40 g's)
    Travel 5000 μm
    Typical acceleration 2000 μm @ 100 Hz
    1000 μm @140 Hz
    250 μm @ 280 Hz
    100 μm @ 440 Hz

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