Precitech designs and manufactures ultra precision machining solutions for freeform diamond turning, milling, and grinding which are used to produce optical lenses, mold inserts, mirrors, and precision mechanical components. Our machines produce rotationally symmetric, asymmetric, freeform, and sculpted geometries with form tolerances in the sub-micron range and nanometer surface finishes.


Precitech and our local representative LHC along with Taylor Hobson and Zygo recently exhibited at Opto Taiwan. On display in our booth was the second Nanoform X on a TMC QUIET-Base purchased by ZY Tech for making no diffractive color mobile device camera lens molds. This is an important application in Taiwan and generated a lot of booth activity throughout the week.

Opto Taiwan 2018 1 Opto Taiwan 2018 2 Opto Taiwan 2018 3