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Lens Alignment Turning and Centering

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    Precitech’s precision lens alignment turning solution provides a faster and more precise method for ensuring lens alignment with all the versatility of our single point diamond turning machines.

    This integrated solution changes the paradigm from a manual process to a semi-automated, on-machine method that enables enhancements in production throughput and first pass yield in the manufacture of precision optical assemblies.

    Instead of monitoring and maintaining alignment of a lens during adhesive curing, this on-machine solution combines optical metrology and diamond turning to enable the precise modification of the lens cell datums in a short time span. An Opto Alignment Lens Alignment & inspection System (LAS) mounted in a kinematic fixture in a Precitech diamond turning machine, accurately locates the axes of the lens assembly. This information is converted into the diamond turning machine coordinate system where tool paths are created for modifying the datum features on the lens cell until they precisely align with the optical axis. The result is a precisely mounted lens with optimized datum surfaces ready for integration in a higher-level lens assembly.