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Removable Vertical Axis

Y-Axis removable vertical axis header
  • Overview +

    The Precitech removable vertical axis provides users of Nanoform systems with the ability to field-convert their systems from a two linear axis machine to a three linear axis machine. Featuring an oil hydrostatic bearing and linear motor drive the removable vertical axis adds a fully capable contouring axis to your Precitech system. Available as an accessory on all new machines or as a field retrofit.

    Key Benefits:

    • Expand your product portfolio with the addition of an economical removable Y-Axis to your ultra precision 2-Axis lathe
    • Assure your part quality with guaranteed turning and raster flycutting specifications on our standard test parts
    • Maximize production time with easy installation and removal

  • Key Features +

    • Dual pneumatic counter balance system maximizes load capacity and thermal stability
    • Single linear motor and symmetric box slide design further improves thermal behavior
    • Robust braking system for safety
    • Removable cover for internal component access
    • Balanced lifting points for easy installation

  • Specifications +

    Key Specifications

    Turning performance
    (in XZ and YZ)
    Surface roughness < 1.0 nm Sa
    Form accuracy < 0.15 μm P-V
    XYZ raster milling performance Surface roughness < 10 nm Sa
    (Under 3 nm is achievable with optimal
    material and cutting conditions
    Form accuracy < 0.2 μm P-V
    Y-Axis travel 100 mm
    Load capacity 18.2 kg (40 lbs)
    Scale feedback resolution 8 pm (0.008 nm)
    Programming resolution 0.01 nm

    Techncal Specifications

    Linear Hydrostatic Slideway Description
    Type Hydrostatic bearing slideways with symmetrical linear motor placement
    Travel Y: 100mm (4.0 in.)
    Maximum feedrate 1,500 mm/min (59 in./min)
    Drive system Linear motor
    Position feedback resolution 8 pm (0.008 nm)
    Y-Axis straightness Horizontal, Vertical: 0.2 μm (0.8 μin.) full travel
    Hydrostatic oil supply system Smart Servo Control, low pulsation pump, optional thermal control
  • Example Applications +

    y-axis multi-level tooling plate accessory

    Multi-level tooling plate accommodates diamond tools and probes for application flexibility


    y-axis part holding stage

    Part holding stage on vertical axis for raster flycutting and milling


    Levicron spindle replacement

    Levicron high-speed spindle replaces HS-150 for more efficient milling


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