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Aerospace and Defense

Precitech’s unique technologies enable many of the key ultra precision applications in the aerospace and defense markets.

If you are looking to manufacture Head-up Displays (HUDs) for aerospace applications, the Nanoform® 700 ultra and Nanoform® L 1000, are uniquely positioned to meet your needs.

The Nanofom X and Nanoform X Ultra Grind can be used to make parabolic and diffractive lens molds for visible and infrared applications like surveillance cameras, thermal imaging, and targeting systems.

The Nanoform X and Nanoform X Ultra Grind are the number one choices for manufacturers of aspheric infrared (IR) optics worldwide. Aspheric IR lenses are used in defense applications such as surveilance and night vision cameras, and portable missile and thermal image firing systems.

In addition to the Nanoform X the revolutionary Nanoform Xtc with MicroLAM technology brings a new level of efficiency and productivity when working with hard to machine IR materials like silicon (Si), calcium fluoride (CaF), and zinc sulfide (ZnS).

For customers in the aerospace and defense industry Precitech is ideally positioned to provide ultra-precision machinng solutions to meet your needs.

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