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For Ophthalmic Users

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DIFFSYS® is the leading global computer-aided machining (CAM) software system for generating tool paths used for ultra-precision machining of optics. It’s recommended by leading manufacturers of ultra precision machine tools for programming optical surfaces. Well over 80% of users of ultra precision machine tools use DIFFSYS for CAM programing of optics.

DIFFSYS is a Microsoft Windows® based system with an easy-to-use menu structure to input:

  • Machining process to be used
  • Machine geometry (CNC axis)
  • Tool geometry (e.g. radius, relief angle, rake angle, wheel diameter etc.)
  • Definition of the surface

DIFFSYS provides tool path correction of repeatable form errors for rotationally symmetric “2D” surfaces and non-rotationally symmetric “3D” surfaces.

  • Features and Benefits +

    Create Complex Optical Shapes for Use on Optoform Machines

    DIFFSYS can export minifile format CAD files for direct use on Optoform machines.

    DIFFSYS Lens Isometric View DIFFSYS Export Minifile window

    Export to Minifile screen. DCOF and STEP export also available.

    Convert Between Point Cloud and Minifile Formats

    Ophthalmic users have the flexibility to easily switch between Optoform and Nanoform machines. DIFFSYS can import/export minifile and point cloud format CAD files.

    DIFFSYS Import Minifile window

    Import parts in DIFFSYS from numerous formats including minifile (MNI), Taylor Hobson Parameter (DCOF), Zemax (ZMX), Zygo Zernike (TXT), IGES, STEP, and Rhino (3DM).*

    * Importing some formats requires DIFFSYS A3+MC3+RH module and Rhino ver. 5 or 6.

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