On Machine Camera Options for Diamond Turning

  • Analog video observation system +

    A camera with zoom lens is mounted on a magnetic base for flexible setup. The image is displayed on an independent15 inch LCD color display monitor. The field of view size can be varied by the zoom lens from approximately 2 mm up to 8 mm. The working distance is 90 mm.

  • Digital video observation system +

    Color digital camera with zoom lens mounted on an articulated arm with magnetic base for very flexible setups.The photo (at left) shows the digital camera option imaging a diamond tool placed on the Hydroround B axis. The photo (at right) shows the displayed image of the tool. The camera is connected to a USB port on the Windows 7 PC that is integrated into the Nanoform Ultra series systems.

    The Image is displayed at any time including while part cutting on the system operator console. Users toggle between the UPx display and the W7 display with a Ctrl-function key.

                • Working distance: 150 – 450 mm.

                • Field of view: 7.8 – 280 mm

                • Software for image annotation and video capture included


    Additional monitor option: Supports displaying the camera image separately from the UPX control GUI.

  • Horizontal analog optical inspection and measuring station +

    Shown (below) is a Z-axis version of our horizontal optical inspection option.


    Shown (below) is using the standard objective. A modified version of the optical hardware used in the ultra-set tools station is mounted horizontally on the Z axis using a kinematic mount. The standard objective lens used on the Ultra-set tool setting accessory provides a field of view of 320μm X 240μm (approx. 620X magnification). The working distance is approximately 5 mm.

    Shown (below) is variation of this option designed to mount using a small format kinematic mount on the Hydroround B axis. The optics in this variation provides a variable field of vbiew from 1 to 5mm and a working distance of 60mm.



    For either variation the video is displayed on the UPx control screen. The cross hair position is moved using the machine axis and the axis positions can be used for very accurate measurements of physical features