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HydroRound II Rotary B-axis

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  • Overview +

    The HydroRound II hydrostatic oil rotary bearing can be configured to our Nanoform® machines and Drum Roll Lathes for tool normal machining. It's designed to sit on the Z-axis plate with the center of rotation around a vertical axis allowing the diamond tool to be presented in any orientation within 360 degrees of rotation for the machining process. The tool holder can also be positioned to extend beyond the edge of the rotary axis for parts larger than 200mm in diameter.

    HydroRound II improves over the first iteration with refined encoder error mapping techniques that enable:
    • 10x improvement in the industry standard position accuracy
    • Use of the B-Axis as an ultra precision tool turret
    • Form accuracy of XZB acceptance part to now be valid for tools located anywhere within 100 mm of the center

  • Features and Benefits +

    b-axis cutout
    • Improve part quality due to best-in-industry stiffness enabled by a unique self-compensating restrictor design
    • Increased productivity with quick tool setting enabled by a Virtual Center Technology (VCT)
    • Ultimate flexibility enabled by use as ultra precision tool turret
    • Higher damping characteristics vs. air bearing designs

    Fresnel Mold made with B-Axis Tool normal machining enables:
    • The use of non-controlled vs. controlled waviness tools
    • The use of the full tool sweep, increasing tool utilization
    • The manufacture of parts  with high curvature that could not otherwise be made with a single diamond tool

    Virtual Center Technology exclusively from Precitech

    Use of B-Axis and virtual center technology

    Traditionally tool normal machining required a time consuming process to set tools directly at the center of the B-Axis. With VCT, the tool can be simply set close to the center of the B-Axis, similar to setting tools on a 2 axis lathe. The UPx controller uses X and Z motion to keep the tool normal to the surface as if it were at the center of the B-Axis.

  • Specifications +

      381 mm (Nanoform 700 Ultra) 330 mm (Nanoform X and Drum Roll Lathes)
    Table Top Size 381 mm (15 in.) dia. 330 mm (13 in.) dia.
    Load Capacity 454 kg (1000 lbs.) 225 kg (500 lbs.)
    Max. Speed 10 RPM
    Motor Torque 6.8 N-m (6 ft-lbs.) 4.1 N-m (3 ft-lbs.)
    Radial Error Motion 0.10 μm (4 μin.) @ 1 in. above table*
    Coning Error 1.0 nm/mm (1.0 μin./in.)
    Radial Stiffness 525 N/μm (3,000,000 lbs./in.) 225 N/μm (1,280,000 lbs./in.)
    Axial Stiffness 875 N/μm (5,000,000 lbs./in.) 600 N/μm (3,428,000 lbs./in.)
    Moment Stiffness 17 N-m/μrad (150 lbs.-in./μrad) 3.4 N-m/μrad (30 lbs.-in./μrad)
    Positioning Accuracy +/- 0.1 arc-sec (10x improvement in industry standard of +/- 1 arc-sec)

    *Can be reduced to <1 μin. at the working height of the tools by employing Precitech's exclusive UltraMapping option

  • Example Applications +

    y-axis multi-level tooling plate accessory

    Large HydroRound® II on a Freeform® TL with Levicron Spindle


    y-axis part holding stage

    Small HydroRound® II on DRL2000HS


    Levicron spindle replacement

    Large HydroRound® II on a Freeform® TL used as an ultra precision tool turret

    Shown with 10 fixed tools, dual FTS1000, 2 marking spindles (or Levicron spindle), and 16 individual spray mists


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