What's New

Please contact precitech.diffsyssales@ametek.com or your local sales representative for details on how to update your current license. Download the latest demo here.

  • Version 5.1.0 +

    User-Defined Shapes*

    Gives users the capability to create shapes for rastering, or setup a C-axis spiral that follows the user shape.

    Prerequisite: DIFFSYS A3

    DIFFSYS user shape screen 1 DIFFSYS user shape screen 2 DIFFSYS user shape screen 3

    *This option may only be in demo mode in your version, please contact your vendor

    Zernike Improvements

    New “3D Zernike Surface” option, which can be tilted. Zygo Zernike files can now be imported. The old “Zernike” option is now available under 2D.

    Prerequisite: DIFFSYS A3 for new option; A for old option

    DIFFSYS 3D Zernike screen
    B-Axis Slope Angle

    Can now be calculated from the slope along a meridian angle, or from fixed Outer and Inner angles. This helps eliminate oscillations that can result from calculating the B-axis slope from the surface slope.

    Prerequisite: DIFFSYS A3

    DIFFSYS b slope screen
    Spiral with Linearly Variable Angle

    A new type of spiral that has been added.

    Prerequisite: DIFFSYS A3

    DIFFSYS new spiral screen
    Export Step File

    In conjuntion with the Rhino CAD software.

    Prerequisite: DIFFSYS A3 and RH; Rhino CAD

    DIFFSYS 5.1.0 also includes the following new features:
    • Importing Zemax ZMX files: Now imports the SZERNSAG surface type.
    • 2D machining time: Calculation of 2D machining time, dependent on feedrate.
    • Surface finish information: Calculation of diamond tool groove depth.
    • Nearest point with mouse: Moving the mouse in the Toolpath graphics will now show the nearest point for Arc-increment spirals and concentric circles.
    • Toolpath contours are now available for arc-increment spirals and concentric circles.
    • Contours now available for Hemisphere surfaces.
    • Languages page: The QuickSwitch option can switch between two languages, rather than cycle through all languages.
    • DCOF files: The number of decimal places for asphere terms has been increased.

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