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Planoform 650 ultra

Planoform 650 Ultra precision flycutting system
  • Overview +

    Planoform® 650 Ultra – Precision Diamond Flycutting System
    Heavy-duty machine platform designed for single point diamond flycutting of plano surfaces in non-ferrous materials requiring optical quality surface and flatness characteristics.

    Up to 3-axes X, Z ( standard) C (optional)

    On-machine metrology

    facing a vacuum chuck

    Flycutting a flat
  • Features +

    • QNx® real time Operating System for advanced programming capability
    • Sealed natural granite base provides exceptional long term machine tool stability
    • Self leveling dual chamber isolation system
    • Traversing axis is a linear motor driven, hydrostatic oil bearing slideway with optimized stiffness characteristics
    • Positioning axis is ball screw driven with a mechanical roller bearing design
    • Standard tilt-head adjustment feature allows for manufacturing cylindrical C02 laser optics
    • High Performance HD-160 spindle with industry leading thermal stability characteristics
    • Hydrostatic oil bearing slideways with optimized stiffness and damping characteristics    
    • Liquid cooled slides for thermal stability
    • Motorized air bearing spindles with 3 year warranty
  • Key Specifications and Capabilities +

    Guaranteed Performance
    • Diamond flycutting: 100 mm diameter part 
    • Form accuracy: ≤0.158 µm (λ/4) PV
    • Surface roughness: ≤4 nm Sa (Cu), ≤5 nm Sa (Al)
    Key Specifications
    X Travel 650 mm
    Z Travel Vertical 300 mm
    Tool Swing 300 mm (450 mm optional)
    Heel Angle Adjust -5° - 25°
    Spindle Speed 5000 RPM
    CNC Controller Precitech UPx
    Process Capabilities

    • Diamond flycutting X, Z
    • Cylindrical machining X, Z
    • Tip/tilt work holding table

  • Technical Specifications +

    Machine Base Description
    Type Natural, high-stability, sealed granite
    Vibration Isolation TMC self leveling dual chamber vibration isolation system

    Machine Linear Slideways Description
    Type X: hydrostatic oil bearing box-type slideway
    Z: needle roller slideway
    Travel X: 350 mm (13.8 in.)
    Z: 300 mm (11.8 in.)
    Maximum X Axis Feedrate 1500 mm/min. (118 in./min.)
    Drive System X: Linear motor
    Z: Preloaded ball screw assembly w/ brushless DC motor, brake & counterbalance
    Position Feedback Resolution 34 pm (0.034 nm)
    X Axis Straightness Horizontal: 0.5 µm/460 mm
    Vertical: 0.1 µm/100 mm over central 460 mm
    Z Axis Pitch & Yaw 5 arc-sec/300 mm

    Flycutting Spindle Heavy Duty HD-160 Spindle
    Air Bearing Type Slot type thrust bearing
    Material Steel shaft / Bronze journal
    Tool Swing Capacity 305 mm (12 in.) dia. standard
    450 mm (18 in.) + 152 mm (6 in.) dia. optional
    Motor Integral brushless motor
    Ultimate Load Capacity 170 kg (375 lbs) @100 PSI
    256 kg (564 lbs) @150 PSI
    Axial Stiffness 350 N/µm (2,000,000 lbs./in.)
    Radial Stiffness 175 N/µm (1,000,000 lbs./in.)
    Motion Accuracy Axial/Radial ≤ 25 nm (1 µin.)
    Thermal Control Liquid cooled motor housing and journal bearing (optional chiller required)
    Spindle Max Speed 5,000 RPM
    Heel Angle Adjustment -5° - 25°

    Flycutting Toolholder Description
    Wheel Diameter 355 mm (14 in.)
    Tool Location Approx. at 305 mm (12 in.) diameter of rotation
    Tool Capacity 2
    Tool Adjustment Options Rake, roll, azimuth, depth of cut

    Control System UPx™
    Operating System QNX real time operating system
    Programming Resolution 0.01 nm
    Axis Interface Cards PMDI

    Optional Equipment
    Electronic Gage Head and Amplifier
    Digital Readout of Heel Angle
    Thermal Enclosure - Doors provide access to four sides
    Air Shower Temperature Control +/-0.1° C
    Tip/Tilt Workholding Table

    Facility Requirements  
    Power 208 or 230 VAC - 1 phase - 50/60 Hz
    Air Supply Typical: 10 SCFM @100 PSIG
    Floor Space 1829 mm x 1143 mm x 2032 mm (72 in. x 45 in. x 80 in.)
  • Standard Feature Details +

    • Natural Granite Base – Planoform 650 ultra
      • Natural granite base is lapped flat at Precitech and then sealed for life. The X-axis risers are also natural Granite. Granite provides excellent long term stability of the base of the machine so straightness and squarenesses will not be distorted over time.
    • Pneumatic Vibration Isolation System – Planoform 650 ultra
      • Dual-chamber, self-leveling, passively damped vibration isolators are used in each corner of the machine. These provide excellent vibration isolation from floor vibrations.
    • 650 mm Travel Oil Hydrostatic Slide (Horizontal)
      • The horizontal machine slide is non-contact due to the use of oil hydrostatic bearings, non-contact linear motors and non-contact encoder feedback. In this manner there is zero stick-slip or friction, allowing motions of nanometer amplitude to be commanded and performed.
    • 300 mm Travel Roller Bearing Slide (Vertical)
      • This roller bearing slide is actuated with a ball screw. There is a brake on the ball screw shaft for use in locking up the axis. The position feedback is provided using both rotary encoder feedback and linear glass scale encoder feedback.
    • Air Bearing Flycutting Spindle
      • Our highest moment stiffness air bearing spindle is used on the Planoform. This features an integral motor and integral encoder for closed loop velocity feedback. The speed range is bidirectional 10 to 5000 RPM. It is provided with water cooling channels for use with a chiller if this is desired.
    • 305 mm Tool Swing Flycutting Head
      • This flycutting head carries two identical tool holders opposed for proper balance. These can carry both roughing and finishing tools if desired. The tool holders allow adjustments of the tool in depth of cut, pitch, roll, and yaw motions. The head contains special vibration dampening technology used to improve surface waviness issues where the tool enters the work piece being cut.
    • Head Tilt Feature with Digital Readout
      • The flycutting spindle is adjustable in heel angle to optimize the flatness of the resultant flycut surface. In addition, the head can be tilted on purpose to change the tool sweep into an elliptical shape for producing elliptical mirrors. A digital readout of head angle is provided so that the head angle is known precisely and the adjustment mechanism provides fine incremental motions.
    • UPx Machine Controller
      • Similar controller features with our Nanoform products make it easy to transition between machines. Special features for Planoform operation include M codes for the Z-axis clamping brake, digital readout and reset controls for the head angle, etc. QNX 64 bit operating system with advanced application customization and MTF diagnostic to achieve cutting results.
    • Spray Mist System
      • A minimum quantity of lubricant is used to both cool and lubricate the diamond cutting process. The lubricant of choice is Odorless Mineral Spirits (OMS). This is stored in a reservoir on the machine where the operator can easily see if the level is getting low. The lubricant is supplied from the reservoir by gravity. When spray mist is turned on by the machine controller (M code) then a pneumatic indicator turns green indicating that the spray mist is active. The operator has toggle valve controls for air and lubricant that must be turned on in order for the spray mist to function. Air pressure coming out of the nozzle pulls lubricant through a vacuum venturi effect and sprays the lubricant on the part. The operator has needle valve controls to adjust the air and lubricant (separately) flowing to the nozzle. When the spray mist is turned off, a valve in the lubricant line prevents lubricant from dripping out of the nozzle, and prevents lubricant from flowing back into the lines, which delays the start of spray mist when it is then turned on again.
    • Machine Enclosure – Planoform 650 ultra
      • The machine is provided with a full upper enclosure for operator protection. The sliding operator door is locked closed when the machine is in cycle to prevent operator exposure to potentially hazardous conditions inside. Interior lighting is provided using a sealed florescent lamp. Access door panels are provided on all sides of the machine for servicing and cleaning.
  • Optional Feature Details +

    • 150mm Flywheel
      • Similar to the larger flywheel, this smaller tool sweep head will produce slightly better surface finish on smaller parts that fit within this reduced swing. Tool adjustments in rake and roll and depth of cut (not yaw). 6 inch tool sweep, 8 inch outside diameter. (Flywheel Image shown in photo on Nanoform 250 Ultra, is the same Flywheel for the Planoform 650 Ultra but on horizontal orientation shown in photo below.)
    • 305mm Flywheel (spare)
      • Spare head supplied with two tool holders..
    • Field Balancer
      • Balancing unit for use in balancing the tools on the flycutter head. Portable and battery powered for use in measuring unbalance on any rotating machinery.
    • Coolant Catch Pan
      • A shroud is supplied to capture diamond turning chips and coolant that is sprayed from the cutting zone. The shroud has a large opening that will not interfere with machine axis travels.
    • On Machine Part Thickness Measurement
      • A depth gage is supplied with digital readout. The gage is mounted to an air bearing slide that allows measurement of the part thickness anywhere in a zone within +/- 75mm from the centerline of the cutting zone. The readout has programmable display resolution, and the gage has depth resolution of 0.2 micron (0.000008 inch).
    • Chiller for Flycutter Spindle
      • A closed loop, refrigerated chiller is used to stabilize the temperature of the machine and spindle. This is powered separately from the machine, and operates separately from the machine controller. With a capacity of 1400 watts, it is available in multiple voltage and frequency options. One chiller can be used to maintain temperature of up to two Precitech machines.
    • Integrated Gage Head
      • This electronic indicator and amplifier are for use by the operator in measuring fixture alignment, etc. The resolution of the indicator is 0.1 micron (5 micro inches) and is shown on the UPX display screen. The full range is +/- 0.25 mm (0.010 inch). The gage head is provided with a magnetic base for flexibility and the probe tip motion can sense in both up and down directions.
    • Observation Camera and LCD monitor
      • A camera with zoom lens is mounted on a magnetic base for flexible setup. The image is displayed on an independent 15 inch LCD color display monitor and does not interfere with machine setup or operation. The field of view size can be varied by the zoom lens from approximately 2 mm up to 8 mm. The working distance is 90 mm.
    • Heat Exchanger inside machine (Requires Chiller Option)
      • This option mounts a water to air heat exchanger inside the machine enclosure. The coolant from the chiller is circulated through the heat exchanger and the air is circulated using a small fan. In this manner the air inside the machine enclosure can be kept more stable in temperature which improves the machine thermal stability.
    • LED Task Lamp
      • The LED task lamp is used to improve illumination of the working zone without the addition of heat. It comes mounted to the machine enclosure with a gooseneck flexible mount. This allows the light to be oriented as desired by the operator. There is a switch on the head for turning the light off when not needed.
    • Remote Jog Pendant
      • This remote jog pendant allows the operator to perform some setup functions while away from or not facing the machine controller. E stop, axis selection and axis jog.
  • Brochures +