Ophthalmic Products

  • Optoform® 40

    The Optoform® 40 is an ultra precision lathe for manufacturing contact lenses or intra-ocular lenses. It’s designed to provide ultra smooth motion, the air bearing slideways utilize linear motor technology with ultramarine pitch linear glass scales for position feedback. The Optoform 40 is the perfect answer for lowering cycle times and increasing throughput.

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  • Optoform® 80

    Optoform® 80 is the ultimate machine for the manufacture of any Intra – Ocular and Contact Lens designs. This compact 2-axis, linear motor, continuous path, ultra precision, computer controlled contouring machine is designed for high speed lathing of spherical, multi-curve, or aspheric contact lenses and intraocular lenses as well as non–ferrous metal molds.

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