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Precitech's unique technologies enable many of the key ultra precision applications in the automotive industry.These include our high acceleration Fast Tool Servo (FTS) and high speed Levicron milling spindle used to create freeform shapes on headlamp optics molds.

If you are looking to manufacturer Head-Up Display (HUD) molds for automotive or aerospace applications, the Nanoform® 700 ultra or Nanoform® L 1000, are uniquely positioned to meet your needs. When equipped with an HD-160 spindle with a C axis and Adaptive Control Technology (ACT) there is no better solution in the market today for this application.

The HSK25 quick tool changing system from Levicron® and the Freeform® L 5-axis machine can be used to make corner cube molds for automotive signal lamp bezels and reflectors. Additionally, Precitech's long history and knowledge of infrared manufacturing technologies enable such automotive IR applications as LiDAR systems for self-guiding cars, and pedestrian/animal detection.