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Slow Tool Servo

  • Overview +

    The Precitech Slow Tool Servo (STS) is used for the rapid manufacture of large departure freeform components on an Ultra Precision Diamond Turning Lathe. The Slow Tool Servo relies on the machine tool’s slide travels to actuate the tool holder synchronous with the rotation of the spindle and cross slide thus creating a system with the ability to perform large departures at slower speeds. Different from the FTS, the tool position of STS is calculated and commanded as three coordinated axes of motion on the machine controller. The Slow Tool Servo option includes the spindle C- axis outlined above in combination with special tuning of the Z-slide and special operation software.

    STS – Slow Tool Servo’s capability consists of a positioning C-axis programmed for the workholding spindle which enables the diamond turning of complex surface structures such as torics, off-axes aspheres and progressive lens designs. This technology enables the machining of large sagitta workpieces without incorporating additional equipment and fixturing to the standard two-axes, Nanoform® machining system.

  • Specifications +

    •  10mm amplitudes at 2 HZ*
          •   50 HZ bandwidth

                 * Larger excursions available at lower frequencies.

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