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Ultrasonic assisted machining of steel mold inserts

  • Application: UltraSonic Assisted Machining of steel mold inserts +

    Material: hardened steel 52 HRC 

    Diameter: 30 mm 

    Depth: 7 mm 

    Surface finish: 1.1 nm Ra 

    Form accuracy: 
    61 nm PV
  • Enabling Technology Nanoform X with son-X Ultrasonic Tool Posts +

    In many automotive molding applications it may be beneficial to use steel given its heat resistance and hardness. The Nanoform X with son-x ultrasonic tool post is capable of directly machining steel molds with a surface finish of less than 2 nm Ra and a form accuracy of less than 200 nm PV. Typically the extraordinary diamond tool wear experienced while cutting steel has made it difficult to use as a mold material. With the ultrasonic tool post tool wear is comparable to other non-ferrous metals.

    The dove-tail slide design of the Nanoform X results in superior dynamic stiffness. This enables better surface finish with the son-x device compared to what is achievable on other diamond turning machines.

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