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Corner Cube molds

  • Applications Corner Cube Molds +

    Demonstrate a multi-tool milling process to machine a corner cube array and automotive reflector applications 

    Freeform 4-Axis XYZC milling with HSK25 Quick Change Tooling System. The tools required to complete the machining process are mounted in individual tool holders. The balance quality and run-out of the tool holders allow them to be changed without having to redo the tool setting process. 

    Part Details:
    • Material: Aluminum 

    Tool Details:
    • Four carbide ball-end mills ranging from 0.3 to 0.75 mm in radius to progressively deepen the corner cube pattern 
    • One 0.3 mm radius diamond ball-end mill for finishing 

    Process Details: 

    • Spindle Speed: Four roughing passes 16,000 - 50,000 rpm (increasing each step) One finishing pass at 60,000 rpm 
    • Feed Rate: 200 mm/min 

    Machining Time:
    • Four roughing passes 800 min. Total 2170 min. 

    • Optical quality surface and sharp corners 
        on cube
  • Enabling Technology - Freeform L 5- Axis Ultra Precision Machine +

    Precitech has added an innovative vertical axis to our field proven large frame platform, increasing flexibility and precision. With the Freeform L, customers can diamond turn, micro-mill, micro-grind, and groove non-rotationally symmetric surfaces. Adding this third linear axis gives users the flexibility to produce freeform surfaces which may not be achievable using 2 linear axis machining.

    Industry leading swing and load capacity

    Flexibility to produce freeform geometries with 3 linear and up to 2 rotary CNC axes

    5 Axis freedom with 3 axis performance Y axis and spindle designed for maximum thermal stability 

    Thermally controlled enclosure options insure accuracy during long cutting-time parts

    Reduced sensitivity to vibration enabled by its integral TMC MaxDamp® isolation system 

    Capability to produce large and small parts auxiliary spindle mount to the X axis

  • Enabling Technology HSK25 Quick Tool Changing System From Levicron +

    Unable to find commercially available HSK25 tool holders appropriate for ultra precision machining, Levicron developed a unique process to manufacture their own. They use their ultra precision spindles to grind the tool holders (see results below)..

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