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  • Active on machine vibration isolation and precision levelling system +

    PEPS® II-VX is a digital non-contacting, height control and active vibration cancellation system. A version ideally suited for ultra precision machining, was jointly developed by Precitech and the vibration experts at TMC. It is exclusively available as a retrofit on Precitech machines in the field and as an option on all new machines. 

    PEPS® II-VX works with the existing pneumatic vibration isolation system eliminating the mechanical height control valve and height sensing linkage. The result is a first-of-its-kind active on-machine vibration isolation and precision leveling system.

    • Improved productivity
      leveling system (PEPS® II) improves stability enabling more rapid XZC machining
    • Improved quality
      active vibration system (PEPS®) improves isolation in the 0.7 to 5 Hz range
    • Upgrade installed machines in the field*
    • Optional on all new machines

    *TMC MaxDamp® passive isolators required for field retrofit
  • Specificatons And Performance +

    TMC MaxDamp® isolators alone and used with PEPS® II-VX
    PEPS® II-VX theoretical vs. actual field data from a Nanoform X

    X axis following error with and without PEPS® II-VX during XZC machining

    Without PEPS® II-VX
    With PEPS® II-VX
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