Precitech Introduces the Nanoform® L 1000 Multi-Axis Ultra Precision Machining System

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Contacts: Mike Tanniru (603) 357-2511
Jon Harman (603) 357-2511

KEENE, NH, September 4, 2013 – Precitech, a global manufacturer of innovative ultra precision machining solutions, introduced the Nanoform® L 1000 Multi-Axis Ultra Precision Machining System at the China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE 2013) September 4-7, 2013 in Shenzhen, China.

The Nanoform L 1000 has the largest swing capacity of any standard production ultra precision machining system available on the market. It is designed for the ultimate productivity and flexibility in diamond turning and deterministic microgrinding of optical lenses, mold inserts, mirrors, and precision mechanical components. The machine can be configured with two, three, or four axes to produce spherical, aspherical, and freeform surfaces. The Nanoform L 1000 can produce parts up to 1 meter in diameter.

The 500mm of X axis travel allows for a longer Z axis tooling plate, which can accommodate multi-step processes in a single machine setup. There is enough room for multiple roughing and finishing tools, metrology devices, and milling, grinding, or marking spindles. In spite of the Nanoform L 1000’s swing capacity of 1 meter and ultimate load capacity of 170 kgs (375 lbs) its performance rivals that of a small frame lathe, capable producing surface finishes of less than 1.25 nm Ra.

“By elevating the X axis with an enlarged granite base instead of simply putting a riser under the workholding spindle, we maintain the same separation from the X scale to the spindle centerline. With this arrangement the accuracy of the Nanoform L 1000 is nearly the same as our small frame lathes,” notes Dr. Jeff Roblee, Vice President of Technology at Precitech.

“This design feature also maintains a short separation from the spindle centerline to the X axis bearings. Therefore, there is no compromise to X axis stiffness, which enables the excellent surface finish performance of this large swing machine.”

"With the Nanoform L 1000, Precitech has taken productivity to the next level,” adds Mike Tanniru, Business Director for Precitech. “Its ability to accommodate multistep processes into a single machine setup significantly reduces lengthy setup times. Additionally this machine can attain surface finishes previously thought impossible on such a large swing machine, opening up entirely new and more productive manufacturing possibilities for our customers.”

Also included with the Nanoform L 1000 is an integral TMC MaxDamp® selfleveling dual chamber pneumatic isolation system, which reduces its sensitivity to vibration. TMC is a world leader in precision vibration control. Both Precitech and TMC are business units of AMETEK Ultra Precision Technologies.

Precitech is a global manufacturer of innovative ultra precision machining solutions, with an installed base of over 1,500 systems worldwide. It designs and manufactures precision machining systems for turning, milling, and grinding. These systems produce rotationally symmetric, asymmetric, freeform and sculpted geometries, achieving form tolerances in the sub-micron range and nanometer surface finishes.

Precitech is a unit of AMETEK Ultra Precision Technologies, a division of AMETEK, Inc, a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices, with annualized sales of $3.5 billion.

For more information on Precitech’s line of ultra precision machining systems, contact Precitech, 44 Blackbrook Road, Keene, NH 03431, USA. Tel: (603) 357-2511. Fax: (603) 358-6174. E-mail: Web site: