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3 Axis (XYX) ruling using PEPS® II-VX

Demonstrate part cutting time, surface finish, and form accuracy achievable by 3 axis ruling on a Freeform® L equipped with PEPS II-VX, an active on machine vibration cancellation and precision leveling system.

XYZ ruling on a Freeform® L. The part was fixtured on a 45° slope between X and Z and 45° from horizontal, requiring the ruling process to utilize 3 linear axes simultaneously.

Part Details:
• Material: Nickel phosphorus plated steel
• Part dimensions: 50 mm x 50 mm
• Machined area: 10 mm x 50 mm

                            Setup photo                         

                           Part photo         
Process Details:
• Tool: 1.5 mm radius
• Feed rate: 500 mm/min
• Finish pass depth of cut: 5 µm
• Step over: 5 µm
• Coolant: Odorless mineral spirits (OMS)

• Cutting time with PEPS II-VX: 8 hours*
• Cutting time to achieve similar surface
   finish results without PEPS II-VX:
16 hours
• Surface finish: 2.64 nm Sa
• Form accuracy: 0.113 µm PV **
    0.024 µm rms

   * faster settling reduces cutting time
   **reduced cutting time minimizes thermal effects, improving form

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