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Freeform® Head-up Display (HUD) Mold using Adaptive Control Technology (ACT)

Demonstrate the surface finish and form accuracy achievable when machining a Head-Up Display (HUD) mold on either the Nanoform® 700 ultra or the Nanoform® L 1000 machine platform using Adaptive Control Technology (ACT) and an HD160 high capacity work holding spindle.

Freeform XZC diamond turning with Adaptive Control Technology to eliminate errors in X and Y that repeat with spindle position

                                                   Part Photo

                                                Setup Photo

Part Details:
• Material: Brass

Process Details:
• Tool: Single point diamond tool
• Tool radius: 1.5 mm
• Spindle speed: 200 rpm
• Feed rate: 2.5 µm/rev
• Coolant: Odorless mineral spirits (OMS)

• Surface finish near center: 0.744 nm Ra
• Surface finish near edge: 1.31 nm Ra
• Form error: 0.79 µm PV

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