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Freeform® 700 micro lens array milling

Milling a lens array in Electroless Ni mold insert.

Using 3 axes of contouring motion (X,Z,C or X,Y,Z) in combination with a high speed milling spindle, mill aspheric concave lenses into Ni plated substrate.

Part Configuration:
2mm Diameter with 1mm sagital depth, 3 X 3, aspheric lenslet array on 3mm pitch. The part is held with vacuum on the C-Axis Chuck.

Machining Parameters:
Tooling Spindle Speed: 35,000 rpm Linear federate: 25mm/min Depth of cut: Variable

Tool Configuration:
0.5mm radius, single flute, diamond, ball, end mill

Form Accuracy:
Deviation of lenslets on position in the array, 0.35µ P/V (14 µ” P/V) (graph scale in mm) 

Surface Roughness:
2.2 nm Ra

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