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Aspheric Toric using Adaptive Control Technology (ACT)

Demonstrate freeform surface finish and form accuracy by diamond turning an aspheric toric on the Freeform® L Ultra Precision Machine platform using Adaptive Control Technology (ACT).

XZC diamond turning with Y axis active conducted at customer facility.

Part Details:
• Material: Nickel Phosphorus plated steel

                                 Part photo

Process Details:
• Tool: Single point diamond tool
• Tool radius: 0.3 mm
• Work speed: 1200 RPM
• Feed rate: 1.2 mm/min
• Finish pass: 16 min
• Coolant: Odorless mineral spirits (OMS)

• Form accuracy: 76 nm PV (12 nm RMS)
• Surface finish: 0.88 nm Ra 

                     Profile measurements along 2 primary medians

                         White light interferometer measurement

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