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Surface finish and form accuracy results on a steep slope Al asphere

To demonstrate the surface finish and form accuracy results achievable using the Nanoform® X with HS150 work holding spindle on a steep slope aluminum asphere.

2 Axis diamond turning (X, Z)

Part Details:
Outer diameter:
8 mm
Spherical radius: 2.5 mm
Maximum slope: 52 degrees
Material: Aluminum

                                       Setup photo

                                           Part photo

Process Details:
Tool radius:
0.5 mm
Spindle speed: 2,000 rpm
Feed rate: 5 mm/minute
Depth of cut: 2 µm
Coolant: Odorless mineral spirits

Measurement methods:
Finish: Instrument:    Taylor Hobson CCI
     Sample area: 150 µm x 150 µm
Form:   Instrument:    Form Talysurf

• Surface finish: 1.43 nm Sa
Form accuracy: 0.058 µm PV 0.013 µm RMS

                                                  Surface data

                                                      Form data

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