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Freeform® 700 spiral milling

Spiral milling of a 3 dimensional continuous surface.

Using 3 axes of contouring motion (X,Z,C) in combination with a high speed milling spindle, flycut a convex optical surface in copper.

Part Configuration:
20mm diameter, 15mm radius, convex, copper part mounted in work holding fixture on the C-axis vacuum chuck

   Copper sphere generated with spiral milling

Machining Parameters:
- Tooling spindle speed:
10,000 rpm
- Work holding spindle speed: 500 rpm
- Feed per revolution: 45µm.

Tool Configuration:
0.75mm radius tool on 65mm swing diameter. 

Form Accuracy:
0.130 µm P/V (5.2 µ” P/V)

Surface Roughness:
4.3nm Ra

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