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No-color molds for mobile phone camera lenses

Demonstrate the capability to diamond turn mobile phone and smart device camera lens molds with no diffractive color or tool marks and also minimize surface roughness.


Two axis or XZC diamond turning on a Nanoform® X with TMC/Precitech QUIET-Base™. Process conditions optimized to minimize surface roughness and eliminate diffractive color and tool marks.

Part Details:

Material: Electroless nickel plated steel
Diameter: 3.25 mm, optical zone

Machine Details:
Slide type:
dovetail, for dynamic stillness Bearing type: hydraulic oil, for damping Oil temperature control: water cooled X axis following error: 1.6 nm Z axis following error: 1.1 nm
Process Details:
Feed rate:
1.8 mm/min Coolant: OMS
Results: • Surface finish: 0.15 nm Sa • No diffractive color • No tool marks

Part Photos Mold cut on competitor's machine with standard cutting conditions
Mold cut with Nanoform X on TMC QUIET-Base with Precitech's exclusive no color cutting conditions 
Precitech's No-Color Specification

  • No color test part = 4 mm dia., 6 mm convex spherical radius, nickel plated steel test part
  • Surface finish < 0.4 nm Sa (measured halfway between the center and the edge and on the outer diameter on a Zygo Zegage with a 10x objective. A 25 μm filter will be used with form error removed using a 12th order polynomial)
  • No diffractive color visible when observed with a 30x stereo microscope when the part is illuminated with a fiber optic light source at 45°, 4 in. from the part
  • Tool radius < 100 μm
  • Feed rate > 0.6 mm/min
  • Z-axis following error < ± 2 nm 

Gullwing sample repeatability test results: (μm)
Sample 1
Sample 8
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