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Micromilling of crystalline material (CaF2)

To demonstrate the surface finish and flatness results achievable on calcium fluoride using a Freeform® TL machine and a Levicron milling spindle.

3 Axis milling (X, Y, Z)

Feature Details:
Test patch size:
4 mm
Material: Calcium fluoride

Process Details:
Tool radius:
1.0 mm
Milling tool: Ball End mill
Milling spindle speed: 30,000 rpm
Cutting time: 25 minutes
Feed rate: 50mm/min
Step over: 0.01 mm
Depth of cut: 40 µm
Coolant: Odorless mineral spirits

                                            Setup photo                                                                                             

                              Part photo

Measurement methods:
Finish: Instrument:
Taylor Hobson CCI
   Sample area: 0.82mm x 0.82mm
Form: Instrument: Taylor Hobson CCI
  Sample area: 3.6mm x 3.6mm

• Surface finish:
3.9 nm Ra
• Flatness: 80.2 nm PV

                                             Flatness (Form)                                                                                   

                                             Surface Finish

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