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Freeform augmented reality (AR) lens mold

Demonstrate the surface finish achievable when manufacturing a Freeform Augmented Reality Lens Mold by Slow Tool Servo (STS) on a Freeform® L.

Freeform XZC diamond turning

Part Details:
• Material: Nickel plated steel
• Part dimensions: 26.68 mm x 26.88 mm

Process Details:
• Tool: Single point diamond tool
• Tool Radius: 0.76 mm
• Spindle speed: 70 rpm
• Feed rate: 5 µm/rev
• Finish pass depth of cut: 2 µm
• Coolant: Odorless mineral spirits (OMS)

                               Setup Photo

                               Part Photo

• Surface finish near center: 1.35 nm Ra
• Surface finish near edge: 0.872 nm Ra

                       Sample 1 - near center

                    Sample 2 - outside edge

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