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Freeform micro-grooving by fly-cutting

Demonstrate the capability to machine optical grade micro-grooves on a freeform surface with a groove depth variability under 3 µm.

Flycut grooves on a gullwing freeform surface using a Freefrom MGG® (micro-groove generator) with HS75FF spindle. The fully contouring vertical axis of the Freeform MGG follows the gullwing surface resulting in groove depth variability under 3 µm.

Part Details:
Material: Bronze
Diameter: 164.0 mm
Vertical departure from flat surface: 2 mm

                               Part Photo

         Part photo under magnification on
             Taylor Hobson Form Talysurf

Groove Details:
Depth: 50 µm
Pitch: 350 µm
Number: 115 – 90 degree intersection sets
Groove area: 40 mm (intersecting groove area 40 mm x 40 mm)

                                       Set up

                                   In process

Process Details:
Tool: 0.38 µm radius diamond tool Spindle speed: 2000 rpm
Feed rate: 100.0 mm/min
Flycutter swing radius: 87.96 mm

Total groove depth variability: < 3 µm

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